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Airports Create Hotel Complexes, Aiming to Become Destinations
“San Francisco, New York, Denver and Atlanta are all international gateway airports,” said Steven Carvell, associate dean for academic affairs at the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration. And they have gotten the message … As his …
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Microsoft reorganizes cloud teams as Azure business keeps growing
Now, the company is reorganizing teams to keep the good vibes flowing, according to an internal memo unearthed by Business Insider. The company is creating new teams, like a Data Group, and consolidating old ones to bring workers across different areas …
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Investment at Strathclyde Business Park could create 130 jobs
UP to 130 jobs could be created in the Bellshill area of North Lanarkshire following a £3.1 million investment by the private and public sectors in new business units. The funding package was announced by Social Justice Secretary Alex Neil and will see …
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SimplyBuilt makes it easy to create a website for your small business

SimplyBuilt makes it easy to create a website for your small business
Back in the day, building a Website for yourself or your small business was a huge undertaking. You had to buy and learn new software, figure out how to pull together images and other assets, not to mention settling on a domain name and hosting plan.
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The 5 Worst Cash-Flow Mistakes SmallBusiness Owners Make
In fact, a prominent study from the financial services company U.S. Bank found that as many as 82 percent of startups and small businesses fail due to poor cash-flow management. So, even if you're a brilliant entrepreneur in every other way, you must …
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Micro-Loans Make Sense For Many Small Businesses
My small business career began as a teenager sweeping the warehouse floor and driving the delivery truck in my father's supply business. For the first several years, it was just the two of us—but we were growing. After we'd been in business for five …
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Chile, United States create new marine conservation parks

Chile, United States create new marine conservation parks
VINA DEL MAR, Chile (Reuters) – Chile on Monday said it would create one of the world's largest marine conservation parks, and Washington announced two new marine sanctuaries and a drive against illegal fishing to help protect the world's oceans.
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Accounting software firm Sage to create 300 jobs in Dublin
Accounting software firm Sage has announced plans to locate a new European base in Dublin which will create 300 new jobs over the next two years. The UK-based company said Dublin had been chosen over 10 other European cities because of its digital …
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Furniture maker to create 450+ new Triad jobs
Ashley Furniture Industries Inc., the world's largest residential furniture company, announced Tuesday plans to create 454 new jobs at its Davie County facility over the next five years and invest at least $ 8.7 million at the site through the end of 2019.
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Why Reinvent Yourself?

Reinventing Yourself

The real question: Why not? Or better still – how can you not reinvent yourself?

You get only one chance at creating the life you want, and happiness. Do you have something better to do with your time?

Are you truly happy with your life right now?

Silly question for most of us. If we are lucky, we are able to achieve fleeting moments of happiness in a lifetime of following rules others hand down to us.

We are told to go to school, get a degree, find a good job, buy a house, be happy with 2 weeks off a year, sacrifice everything for the family, retire, and die.

Even as technology and science are changing the world faster than anyone can comprehend, people who seek to control us.

Is that bucket list getting stale from inattention? Do you wake up with a stranger each morning, or even a closet enemy? Does your work satisfy your need for creativity?

The time to reinvent yourself is now. Now is all you have. Daily reinvention.

The first thing is to free your mind and decide what it is that you want to do with your life. Not what your spouse wants. Not what your kids want. Not what your boss wants.

Dig into your wants and needs without filtering. If you want to start a business, or find a beautiful young wife, write it down. No regrets.

Few people take the time to ask themselves what they want in life.

Most gurus will tell you to set goals and checklists, but that’s the wrong focus. Goals are results. Earn $ 10,000 per month. Get down to 10% body fat. Marry a supermodel.

You cannot control results – life’s a bitch.

What you can control are your actions.

To earn $ 10,000 a month, you may have to add an online side hustle to you job income. Not many can earn the income you want in a standard just-over-broke job. Discover what business you prefer to support the life theme you desire.

You may not get down to 10% body fat, but you can change your diet to eliminate sugar and processed carbs which cause excess calories to be stored as fat. You can go to gym and lift weights. You can run or do daily cardio. You can eat real food that your body craves. But you can’t know how low your body fat will go.

Actions. Not results.

You can decide how often you work out or what you put in your mouth.

As to marrying a supermodel, the average guy has a better chance of being hit by lightning. But there are alternatives falsely called “mail order brides”.

Women from Russia to the Ukraine to China to Colombia think American men make superior husbands. Sign up for a few free international marriage sites, and you will quickly see thousands of available women around the world that will make you forget fantasy supermodels.

Caveat: It Takes Stones

After having lived my life heavily influenced by others’ desires, I had to finally grow a pair and map out the last years of my life. If I hadn’t, I would spend more precious time and life energy satisfying the needs and desires of others.

Daily reinvention has been around since the Stoics. For whatever reason, modern distractions make it more difficult than ever.

The hard part is checking your ego and labels at the door. We grasp onto labels that hinder reinvention. Husband. Father. Lawyer. Doctor. Rich. Successful.

All prior labels are pure vanity. No one cares. When you reinvent, you start from zero. Every day. The past is gone.

As you reinvent, you can go forward to your new life, or attempt the folly of dwelling in the past.

Reinventing yourself takes time and effort. Many people look to mentors – real or virtual. For my part, I prefer books written by “mentors” living or dead.

Thomas Jefferson. Marcus Aurelius. Harry Browne.

Health, Wealth, and Relationships

Reinventing yourself is a continuous process. Small steps daily. Personal kaizen.

Don’t worry at this point if you don’t have a great passion for anything. I have gone through periods of full-blown depression to finally get back to what I have always loved – perpetual travel. Don’t rush the passion. Just be ready to acknowledge it when it appears.

I concentrate on these three areas: health, wealth, and relationships.

Of the 3, only the first is 100% in your control, so it’s the best place to start. Working toward maximum fitness no matter what your age is so difficult to start, and impossible to end once you hit the tipping point and start seeing improvement.

If you are not fit and healthy, wealth becomes more difficult and finding a new relationship with a younger woman becomes almost impossible.

At age 62, nothing is more important to me than fitness and health. We all face different physical challenges. Mine include type II diabetes, BPH, and central serous detachment. Lack of exercise exacerbates each condition.

At this age I started slowly. I walk at least 3 miles a day – with or without the dog. Takes about one hour.

While you don’t have to multitask, walks are a good way to clear your head, take deep breaths, and practice a walking meditation. This is the prime hour of the day not to be missed.

You’ve heard that it takes 10,000 hours to master a new skill completely. 10,000 hours is about 5 years of 40 hour weeks. I beg to differ. For wealth, you can start now with a side hustle or full-time in affiliate marketing.

By using a system like The 12 Week Year, or my modification 91-30, you can achieve those 5 years worth of changes in less than 2 years.

The difference is the power of focus on the actions that make you happy. Not what ads or other people tell you to want. No houses, cars, boats, or college educations. Most of us believe we were put on this earth for a higher purpose other than taking in air and letting out water.


Despite those titles, power, and pelf,

The wretch, concentred all in self,

Living, shall forfeit fair renown,

And, doubly dying, shall go down

To the vile dust, from whence he sprung,

Unwept, unhonour’d, and unsung.

~ from “My Native Land”

Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832)


If you push for 5 “12 Week Years”, you will be an expert in your field. Guaranteed.

I always think about blogs. A good start in affiliate marketing is posting unique content to your own blog, and monetizing your site with links to related products and services. When your visitor buys, you receive a commission.

The average blog receives less than 12 hours of attention a year from its owner. The vast majority of blogs are set up once and never modified again.

If you work your blog like a borrowed mule, you can soon be an international expert in your niche and earn a full-time living online.

My personal life theme is perpetual traveler. To go back to that nomadic life, I have to concentrate on health, wealth, and relationships.

Please come to iPerpetualTraveler – – and share your theme or travel experiences.


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Small Business Bookkeeping Services

If you are relatively new to the business market and are in the developing stages, bookkeeping services can provide a great deal of advantage to you. It will be integrated as an essential component of your business activities, and save a great deal of money and time that can be invested elsewhere in business operations that are far more profitable. Bookkeeping service providers guarantee that your finances are well-managed, and you do not have to go through any mental tension, knowing that your finances are in the hands of capable individuals working in the best interest of your business.

Perhaps the major benefit of using bookkeeping servicesis the cost saving that would otherwise have gone into hiring a professional on a high salary. If you had to hire someone, you would have to spend on advertising the job vacancy, and then the non-measurable costs of spending time going through the plethora of resumes, interviewing all the candidates, screening them, getting background information such as criminal records, and then finally choosing one person for the job. In economic terms, there is an opportunity cost involved since you are spending the time you could otherwise have utilized selling products and services and generating revenues, and maintaining your customer service program. Moreover, after choosing an employee for the job, you will have to incur additional costs of generating payrolls and other unemployment and insurance benefits. You may even have to spend money on training this individual.

Another advantage of outsourcing bookkeeping services is the cost saving of installing and running the software required for the job. If you hire someone to perform bookkeeping services in-house, you will have to purchase software and any associated updates, as well as provide the employee with appropriate tools to manage the general ledger, and draw up tax documents and cost sheets. If you outsource this task instead, you will not have to spend on purchasing the software, and you will be able to avail all the latest tools and methods being utilized by the freelancers.

At times, you do not need an employee for full-time services, but rather only for part time tasks. This is the case with bookkeeping as well, where the task burden does not remain high throughout the financial year, and the employee often has large amounts of idle time. This idle time is a cost to the business. In such circumstances, it is better to outsource these services only when you need to, that is, at the end of each month and after a whole year when financial reports have to be prepared. This saves you a great deal of cost, since these service providers charge you on an hourly basis. On the other hand, if you hire a professional in-house, you will have to pay for fulltime including the cost of idle time.

Lastly, but most importantly, these freelance bookkeeping services have professionals who provide accurate data, and are ready to accept responsibility for any errors in the preparation of financial records. is a Leading Online Bookkeeping & Accounting Outsourcing Firm in UK.It provides Bookkeeping Services & Accounting services at AMAZINGLY Low Rate for small Business.

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New business degree to add prestige lost by MBA
Bank of England governor Mark Carney delivers a public speech at the Cass Business School in London, the UK. The masters in management degree is growing in international appeal. Picture: REUTERS/SANG TAN …
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The 29 coolest new businesses in New York City
Many will agree that being your own boss sounds like an appealing lifestyle, but few have what it takes to make it as a small business entrepreneur. We sought out the freshest, most innovative businesses in New York City, focusing our search on places …
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UK business set to create 250 new jobs at contact centre in Belfast

UK business set to create 250 new jobs at contact centre in Belfast
Phil Morgan, CEO of Intelling Ltd, said: " Our new Belfast centre gives us access to a new talent pool and we plan to invest over £800,000 in skills, including management and leadership development, so that we have the capability required to take …
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S/African VP urges business to save, create new jobs
South African Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa has told business magnates that the economic challenges currently facing them and the country should be seen as a great opportunity to save and create new jobs, APA learnt on Tuesday.The Deputy …

Viewpoint: Businesses must step up to create homegrown airline
As we try to attract new businesses to New Mexico and as our existing businesses try to recruit talent and expand their operations, they are routinely hearing complaints about the limited air access. And there are no scheduled airlines operating today …
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Who Is Google's Self-Driving Car CEO, and Where Is He Heading?

Who Is Google's Self-Driving Car CEO, and Where Is He Heading?
Several executives in the car tech sector said Google needs a public face familiar with the industry, its web of networks and long cycles, to create any traction for a potential business. Krafcik is such a face. Beyond his deep industry ties, he is …
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BMW's new CEO faints on stage
BMW's new CEO faints on stage … BMW Chief Executive Harald Krüger faints on stage at Frankfurt auto show — WSJ Business News (@WSJbusiness) September 15, 2015. And now the video is on …
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New Drogheda distillery to create 80 new jobs
"Boann Distillery is a great example of the type of company we are trying to support – an Irish company, operating at the cutting edge of its sector, focussed on selling its goods around the world, and creating jobs in a regional town," the Minister added.

PSEG's New Jersey investments continue to create local jobs
Beyond the thousands of people to work on the projects, it increases demand for suppliers and contractors, as well as businesses that serve those workforces. More reliable and resilient energy distribution systems make New Jersey more attractive to new …
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Google Creates Parent Company Called Alphabet in Restructuring
Google has jumped into dozens of new businesses in recent years, but it remains primarily an advertising company, generating most of its revenue and nearly all of its profit when people click ads in search results. Researcher eMarketer estimates that …
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