Making depth-sensing cameras work better

Making depth-sensing cameras work better
Though these cameras have broad applications — in self-driving cars and navigation tools for the blind, for example — they do not work well in bright sunlight. “Not all light collected by the camera is actually useful,” said Kyros Kutulakos, a …
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Why you should start work at 10am (unless you're in your 50s)
Kelley says the working day should be more forgiving of our natural rhythms. Describing the average sleep loss per night for different age groups, he says: “Between 14 and 24 it's more than two hours. For [people aged between] 24 to about 30 or 35, it …
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For Better Creativity, Don't Let Your Hourly Wage Dictate How You Spend Your Day
The problem, of course, is that there are things that help you work your best and are very valuable — relationships, downtime, sunset-watching — but can't be measured with money. They inspire creativity and actually make your work more valuable.
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