Photographer Intentionally Losing Copies of Her Inspiring Book Around the World

Upper Marlboro, MD (PRWEB) April 21, 2015

Many authors’ idea of getting their book into the hands of many, is through vigorous marketing tactics; however, photographer, JaTawny M. Chatmon is one exception to the norm and has been deliberately losing her new book -Getting Lost- around the world.

The author “lost” the first copy of her book on the door steps of the Shakespeare Theatre on 8th St. In SE, Washington DC.; and more than 25 copies of the book have been lost and found in Paris, London, Ethiopia, Morocco, Istanbul, New York, Washington DC, Maryland, North Carolina, Georgia, Dubai and others.

When asked what inspired this gesture, Chatmon said: “I decided to lose these books as a way to do something nice for people I don’t know, and as a way to get my book and the messages written within to people around the world.”

Getting Lost is a collection of black and white photographs that Chatmon took over the course of three years. The book chronicles the three year sporadic adventure of a mother and daughter in black and white imagery and includes personal and inspiring writings from a mother to her child. Written by JaTawny M. Chatmon with sister Janique Muckelvene.

The lost books have been found by a number of individuals who have testified of its profound impact. One reader said: “I had the privilege of ‘finding’ your book In Dubai, near the Burj Khalifa. Reading the inscription at the front of the book was wonderful; consequently, I brought the book back home to the UK. Thank you for the verses, they are all meaningful and touched my heart.” In another heartfelt e-mail, the finder of a copy of the photographers book professed how the book helped change her life by stating “About two months ago, my roommate, seemingly angry, pushed a book in my face and said “You need to read this!” The book was your book, Getting Lost. To this day, I still don’t understand her tone, but I completely understand why she passed it off to me. Your book was the most beautiful, inspirational thing I’ve ever read. Throughout the pages, I was reminded that I’m the creator of my story, I choose who is in it, and I’m only a damsel in distress if I make myself so. This past summer, I was assaulted and was in a very low place. Instead of learning and growing from it, I was angry, mourning, and brooding on what had happened and let it seep into my life in all other aspects. After reading your book, I had completely changed my view of what had happened and how to live my life. These past few months have been the most optimistic ones of my life. Thank you so much for writing that book. Happy holidays and have a wonderful new year, knowing you’ve saved lives.”

The response to the lost and found gesture of the book has been well received and the author will continue to “lose” more copies. Nevertheless, for those who may not be lucky enough to find a copy, Getting Lost is available in hardcover format for $ 24 on the author’s website and on For those who are fortunate enough to catch sight of a lost copy, JaTawny encourages you to “lose it when you’ve taken from it what you need, so that someone special will find it and continue to pass it on. This way, together, we are working together to touch the lives of complete strangers.”

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Earlene Faye