Secret To Efficient Scrapbooking

There are so many accessories out there for you to help embellish and enhance your scrapbook display. From refill pages to expanding posts, there is a multitude of what, to the novice scrapbooker, can look like a confusing array. So let us take a look at the basic essentials you will find the most useful when you first start out.

Large paper trimmer.

This is probably one of the most useful investments you will make for your hobby, and you will utilise it over and over again. Buy a 12 inch trimmer as this will prove large enough for the usual, square size 12 x 12 albums, and can also be used for cutting smaller sizes as well. A paper trimmer will enable you to cut multiple sheets of paper at the same time, as well as guaranteeing that your cuts are perfectly straight, which proves a difficult task to perform with a pair of scissors.


Do not skimp on these. Buy the best pair you can afford as they will become one of your most common scrapbooking tools. Look after them and keep them sharp, thus keeping them in tip top condition for cutting out fine detail.


There is a myriad of different ways of sticking your treasures into you scrapbook album. From glues to tapes to photo corners, for the novice you will probably have have no idea which is the best to choose. It is well worth taking the time to study all the various products on the market to find out which suits your particular needs. Even if you are seasoned scrapbooker, do not be afraid to try and experiment with new adhesives and tapes.

Small paper trimmer

If your funds allow for it, it is also worth investing in a small one of these as well as the large. They prove invaluable for cropping small items, such as photographs and cards.

As your scrapbooking skills increase, then there are plenty of other accessories available on the market that you may wish to invest in. Items such as circle cutters, punches, templates and a die cutting machine may all be on your list for future purchases. As you become more proficient at your craft, you will be able to work out which tools are worth spending your hard earned cash on, and which you can do without.

There are also plenty of other embellishing accessories available to purchase. Items such as rubber stamps are a cheap and easy way of adding colour and fun to your scrapbook. You will find pretty much every design under the sun available, animals, shapes, funny cartoons, there is bound to be something which will suit your particular project.

Refill pages will be fairly essential if your project is a large one. Or you may find that it keeps growing as you create it. If you think that you might need to expand your album, it is always a good idea to buy an album which has the option to add pages when necessary.

There are hundreds of other accessories which you can purchase to embellish and decorate your scrapbook. In fact, half the fun is sifting and sorting through all of these to find the perfect ones for your particular needs.

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