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RUSAL, Sberbank, RusNano, RusHydro and Ingosstrakh Create Initiative to
UC RUSAL, Sberbank, RusNano, RusHydro and Ingosstrakh have introduced an initiative to consolidate the efforts of Russian business to mitigate environmental impacts and help prevent climate change by creating the 'Climate partnership of Russia'. The …
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GE Healthcare Commits 0 Mln to Create New Business Unit
GE Healthcare, the healthcare technology division of GE (GE), said it has created a new business unit, Sustainable Healthcare Solutions, that will develop high-value, low-cost technologies and healthcare delivery solutions across multiple care settings.
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California-based cabinet shop picks Shelby for east coast operations: New
SHELBY – Cleveland County will welcome a new business that intends to invest $ 2.8 million in a new facility and create 40 jobs in Shelby over the next five years. Ivar's Cabinet Shop, Inc. will open its first facility outside of California at the …
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Smart Women Create

Women are the most creative beings on earth. You have inspiring ideas and daring dreams, however it can sometimes be a challenge to get the dreams out of your head and onto paper so you can design a plan to make it happen. Most likely, your “to-do” list is overflowing and your Big Idea hasn’t found a way to make it to the top of the list.

In my work with women, finding time to create is often the biggest obstacle they face. They can see in their mind what they want, however it’s essential to take that next step of designing a plan of action for it to become real. Once they embrace a plan to create their Big Ideas, Dreams and Goals into the world, they gain momentum and things begin to happen very fast.

I’m going to share a few solutions I use when I’ve got a burst of creativity or a new program or product that I want to get out into the world.

Whether you have a book inside of you, a new program you want to create for your business or maybe you have an idea for a new business you want to start, here are 3 solutions that are guaranteed to work every time:

1. The Golden Hour – Nearly every day, I wake 1 hour before my family to catch that “golden” hour of quiet, peaceful creative time. I have a short, meditative practice to honor the new day and then I work on new projects, journal about new ideas, articles (I’m writing this at 6am with the morning sunlight streaming in through the windows). It’s a proactive way to begin the day feeling a sense of accomplishment.
2. Change the Scenery – Sometimes you just need to grab your journal or laptop and head to the local coffee shop, library or maybe the park if the weather is pleasant. Different environments offer new perspectives and you may find yourself more creative when you leave familiar territory.
3. Check-Out and Check-in – This has made a HUGE difference in my business and my life. When I’m on a deadline or tackling a big program launch, I check out of my life and check into a hotel, B&B or retreat center for 24 hours. (my program for clients who work with me long-term is a one night stay at a local B&B where we spend a full day creating and launching their next Big Idea.) This really works if you act on it. I’m amazed each time I do this how much I can accomplish when I check-out for 24 hours.

It’s vital to protect this valuable gift of time you’ve given yourself. To maximize your creative time, get inspired and unleash your brilliance:

Say “No” to:


*Facebook, Twitter, LinkdIn

*Phone calls

Say “Yes” to:

*A timer to keep you on track and focused (most smart phones have these now. Set it for periods of 30 minutes up to 1 hour and then take a walk, grab a cup of coffee and relax before you get started again)

*A bubble bath or long steamy shower

*A glass of wine to celebrate your accomplishments

I’m always asked, “Joy, how do you get it all done?” First of all, I don’t. There are tons of ideas rolling around in my head and in my journal that I haven’t acted on–yet. However, when I make the decision to create something new for Smart Women Smart Solutions® this is exactly how I do it.

You are creative. Make it happen.


© 2011 Joy Chudacoff


WANT TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR E-ZINE OR WEB SITE? You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it:  Joy Chudacoff, ICF, PCC, is the founder of Smart Women Smart Solutions®, a Professional Certified Coach to 1000’s of women, Motivational Speaker, and Entrepreneur.  She publishes a weekly buzz generating ezine, Reflections On Life and Business for Women Entrepreneurs.  If you’re ready take your life and your business to the next level, get your FREE Tips, 2 FREE Reports and FREE MP3 now at Creating The Spark .

Create Your Own Custom Business Cards

Imagine yourself in a business meeting. After you are done with the presentation, your clients were totally impressed with your presentation and want to contact you in the future. When they ask for your business card, you fumble on your pocket for a pen and a small piece of paper. Since you can’t find any, you end up borrowing your client’s pen and ripping a piece of paper from your files.

Not very impressive, right?

What could have saved you from such embarrassment is a small piece of paper that contain all your personal and business details called the business card. This is a very important tool in promoting, not only yourself but also your business. Professional business cards can be a bit pricey but there are other cheap alternatives like a custom business card.

Whether you work in a large company with a deep pocket for expenses or a small one working on a tight budget, custom business cards may just be what you need. Creating custom business cards is not very complex nor does it require specialty tools and applications. It can be created without much requirement and trouble. If you want to create your own custom business card, read on.

In creating your own custom business cards, you can use built in wizards in your computer applications. If you’re not pretty used with these applications, you can utilize their wizard which will guide you with a step by step process towards creating your own custom business card. These wizards often contain questions and on how you want your business card like the template that you want to use, the personal details that you want to put in as well as your company’s logo. Once all the questions have been answered, it will show you the end product for review before it is printed. The entire process only requires a couple of minutes and the options are trouble free. Depending on the application that you will use, you can create different themes for your custom business card.

You can add decorative shapes and images to make your business card more appealing and apt for your business. There are a lot of royalty free images that you can find online so you can be as creative as you want to be with your business cards. All you have to do is copy the image on your hard drive and insert in on the application to your business card using the “Inset Picture from File” option.

Other than using desktop applications, you can also layout your custom business card online. There are a lot of sites that offer free templates and creating your own customized business card can be done using a wizard. Everything is done hassle free and easily accomplished in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is find the option that best suits your needs.

There you go. If you don’t want to be in the same embarrassing position as what I have illustrated earlier, go and create your own business cards.

Jen has been writing about custom business card for more than 2 years now.

California Accessibility Laws Create Small Business Liability

Have you ever walked into a public restroom in California and wondered about the odd placement of a mirror on the wall or the unusual spacing of fixtures? If so, you have gotten a glimpse of what California builders, remodelers, owners, developers, architects, as well as planning and code officials, are required to address every time they build, remodel, or repair a public facility — any building open to the public. By law, they must follow the most-current accessibility requirements in the California Building Code (Title 24), the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities (ADAAG), and related materials. These California requirements, which are much stricter than those in the Federal ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), apply to all commercial and public buildings and public areas in the state. This includes restaurants, theaters, factories, hotels, motels, just to name a few.

These accessibility standards require that all members of the public, virtually without exception, have access. The design must be approved by local zoning boards before the plans are approved. Accessibility standards apply not only to new construction, but may be applied to remodeling or renovation of existing buildings. This affects many older businesses.

The 2000 Census identified nearly 6.2 million Californians as having a disability. By the year 2010, this number is expected to increase to 11 million. California state government is responsible for providing service to all citizens, and accessibility laws ensure that these services are extended to those with disabilities.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was enacted in 1990 to improve access for the disabled to almost every public business. Buildings are required to have barrier-free entryways, toilet facilities designed for wheelchair access, signs in Braille, low countertops, obstacle-free passageways, reserved parking, and numerous other features. Despite the enactment of the ADA, many in the disabled community report that a majority of businesses have made little or no effort to comply with this 15-year-old law.

For this reason, some people with disabilities have made it their crusade to ensure that the law is followed. While most disabled customers are motivated by a sincere desire to ensure access for all, there is a small group of opportunists who have partnered with a few law firms to track down and file suit against any business where they can find even the most trivial violation. These law firms appear to be responsible for the majority of ADA lawsuits — in fact, there have been over 1,000 ADA accessibility suits filed by just one professional plaintiff. That 1,000-suit plaintiff, George Louie, canvasses Northern California small businesses and calls himself a rebellious litigant.  In Southern California, another litigant ADA enforcer, Jared Molski, has filed close to 500 lawsuits against gas stations, bowling alleys and small businesses. Molski has dubbed himself as the Sheriff.

Maybe California provides a fertile litigious society that fuels this wildfire of lawsuits. Two California ADA statutes provide either $ 1,000 or $ 4,000 in minimum damages, plus attorney fees, for each successful claimant. An aggressive, highly observant claimant can maximize these awards by individually listing each condition he finds. Some file for damages against dozens of businesses at a time. This is the plight small business owners find themselves in. Many of them, when faced with such a lawsuit, end up just handing thousands in cash to the complainant, rather than fighting a court battle that will likely cost them even more.

Part of the problem is, ironically, that California standards are higher than those mandated by the Federal ADA. In some cases, state and federal regulations are in direct conflict. A business can follow ADA requirements to the letter and still be in violation of California law. It is estimated that only 5 percent of California public buildings are in complete compliance.

Few building inspectors and architects are fully informed on every nuance of state compliance standards. The ADA and California requirements for building accessibility are given in intricate, technical detail in state pamphlets. However, without any illustrations or diagrams, where the contractor can see how to build to those requirements, many are just making their best guess. Add to the misinformation and flawed interpretation the law firms that make their fortunes by sending clients in wheelchairs to find accessibility violations, and you have a big problem for California businesses and the contractors who build for them.

Bill Grote has worked as a professional painter, remodeler, homebuilder and property manager of many old, ancient homes. He is now employed with Craftsman Book Company as Marketing Manager.

For clear illustrations and instructions on how to avoid ambiguities in interpreting California accessibility laws refer to the “California Accessibility Reference Manual” available from http://www.buildersbook.com or http://www.craftsman-book.com

The “California Accessibility Reference Manual” is filled with large clear illustrations of accessibility requirements and dimensions in feet and inches, that can be easily followed and applied to any small business to bring it into compliance with California accessibility standards. Applying the standards in this book may save the life of your business.

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Create Facebook Business Page

This guide will show you how to create a Facebook Like Page for your business or organization, including how to set up an initial Landing (or Welcome) Page (or Tab) to give a new visitor a great experience. Subsequently we will be writing other informative articles in this area about Facebook Like Page design and engaging with your Fans.

Step 1: How to Create a Basic Facebook Business Page:

1. The first stage in how to create a Facebook business Page is to set up a basic Business Like Page and then customize:

2. From your personal profile, go to any other company’s or person’s own Like Page.

3. Click on ‘Create a Page’ (located in the bottom left of the page)

4. The best choice on the next page for an effective Like Page is ‘Brand or Product’; this can be fine-tuned later if necessary.

5. Next, you can choose the type of business/organization you are, under ‘chose a category’.

6. Then you can type the name of your brand (and name of your new Like Page) into the ‘Brand or Product’ box.

7. Your basic Like Page will now be created – ready for customization.

8. The first ‘tab’ within your new Like Page that you will see is the helpful ‘Get Started’ page. Click the ‘Update Category’ button.

9. The ‘Get Started’ tab guides you through some of the things that you will need to and we will revisit this in a later guide. Our first priority is to customize your Like Page with a page known as a ‘Landing’ or ‘Welcome’ page (or Tab).

10. After you have confirmed the Category of your page (‘Update Category’); you have created your basic Like Page.

11. You now have a basic Like Page set up; all ready to customize and make it more effective.

Step 2: Creating Content for Your Welcome/Landing Page

To create this content I use a company called Squarespace. Squarespace is a hosted web building tool that makes it very easy to create your own high quality web site(s). We are going to use it to create some HTML code to input into our Welcome Tab for our Facebook Like Page.

Note: You do not have to use Squarespace; there are many tools for doing this. What we are trying to achieve here is to create some content using a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. This enables you to create content very easily – just typing in your copy (text) and inserting pictures, video, forms, et cetera, just the way that you would using Microsoft Word. Using these tools (or applications) you can then choose to view the HTML version of what you have created. You can then copy and paste this HTML code into your Welcome Page on Facebook and the facebook fan page business Page will be created.

1. Once your Welcome Page content has been created in your WYSIWYG editor and you have viewed and copied the HTML version of that content, we are ready to past that HTML content into the Facebook Like Page Welcome tab.

2. We can then go back to the Facebook Welcome page that you should still have open (if not – don’t worry, just go back to Facebook and open the Welcome page again).

3. Then right-click with your mouse and paste the HTML code into the top box from the two in the Facebook Welcome page editor.

4. You can then see the HTML code in the Welcome Page box.

5. Then click the ‘Save and view tab’ button to save what we have.

6. Then click on view your tab as a fan (or as a non-fan; it does not matter at this point).

7. You will then be able to see your new Welcome page as your visitors will.

8. We can still add more content in the form of pictures and video to make it more appealing, but the basic technical techniques have been covered here now.

Step 3 – Adjusting Settings For Your Welcome Page.

We now need to set our Like Page so that whenever a new visitor comes to our Like Page, they see the Welcome Page first.

1. From the ‘Get Started’ page click on the Edit Page button.

2. You will then see the ‘Manage Permissions’ page.

3. Currently the default Landing Tab will be set to ‘Wall’.

4. Select the drop-down menu and change the option to ‘Welcome’.

5. The Default Landing Tab is now set to ‘Welcome’.

6. You can then click on ‘View Page’ to exit from the edit mode.

7. You can then navigate around your Like Page by using the tabs on the left of the page.

8. Each time you click on the Welcome page you will see the HTML version of the page. You just need to click on the ‘Save and view tab’ to see the page as your visitors will see it.

9. And view tab as a non-fan.

10. It is now possible to use a WYSIWYG/HTML editor (like Squarespace) to add further content to your Welcome page.


Are you looking to create facebook business page? We provide the best custom Facebook fan page design system for as low as no cost – check out http://fanpagetoolkit.com/ today!

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Airports Create Hotel Complexes, Aiming to Become Destinations
“San Francisco, New York, Denver and Atlanta are all international gateway airports,” said Steven Carvell, associate dean for academic affairs at the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration. And they have gotten the message … As his …
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Microsoft reorganizes cloud teams as Azure business keeps growing
Now, the company is reorganizing teams to keep the good vibes flowing, according to an internal memo unearthed by Business Insider. The company is creating new teams, like a Data Group, and consolidating old ones to bring workers across different areas …
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Investment at Strathclyde Business Park could create 130 jobs
UP to 130 jobs could be created in the Bellshill area of North Lanarkshire following a £3.1 million investment by the private and public sectors in new business units. The funding package was announced by Social Justice Secretary Alex Neil and will see …
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SimplyBuilt makes it easy to create a website for your small business

SimplyBuilt makes it easy to create a website for your small business
Back in the day, building a Website for yourself or your small business was a huge undertaking. You had to buy and learn new software, figure out how to pull together images and other assets, not to mention settling on a domain name and hosting plan.
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The 5 Worst Cash-Flow Mistakes SmallBusiness Owners Make
In fact, a prominent study from the financial services company U.S. Bank found that as many as 82 percent of startups and small businesses fail due to poor cash-flow management. So, even if you're a brilliant entrepreneur in every other way, you must …
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Micro-Loans Make Sense For Many Small Businesses
My small business career began as a teenager sweeping the warehouse floor and driving the delivery truck in my father's supply business. For the first several years, it was just the two of us—but we were growing. After we'd been in business for five …
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Chile, United States create new marine conservation parks

Chile, United States create new marine conservation parks
VINA DEL MAR, Chile (Reuters) – Chile on Monday said it would create one of the world's largest marine conservation parks, and Washington announced two new marine sanctuaries and a drive against illegal fishing to help protect the world's oceans.
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Accounting software firm Sage to create 300 jobs in Dublin
Accounting software firm Sage has announced plans to locate a new European base in Dublin which will create 300 new jobs over the next two years. The UK-based company said Dublin had been chosen over 10 other European cities because of its digital …
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Furniture maker to create 450+ new Triad jobs
Ashley Furniture Industries Inc., the world's largest residential furniture company, announced Tuesday plans to create 454 new jobs at its Davie County facility over the next five years and invest at least $ 8.7 million at the site through the end of 2019.
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UK business set to create 250 new jobs at contact centre in Belfast

UK business set to create 250 new jobs at contact centre in Belfast
Phil Morgan, CEO of Intelling Ltd, said: " Our new Belfast centre gives us access to a new talent pool and we plan to invest over £800,000 in skills, including management and leadership development, so that we have the capability required to take …
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S/African VP urges business to save, create new jobs
South African Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa has told business magnates that the economic challenges currently facing them and the country should be seen as a great opportunity to save and create new jobs, APA learnt on Tuesday.The Deputy …
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Viewpoint: Businesses must step up to create homegrown airline
As we try to attract new businesses to New Mexico and as our existing businesses try to recruit talent and expand their operations, they are routinely hearing complaints about the limited air access. And there are no scheduled airlines operating today …
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New Drogheda distillery to create 80 new jobs
"Boann Distillery is a great example of the type of company we are trying to support – an Irish company, operating at the cutting edge of its sector, focussed on selling its goods around the world, and creating jobs in a regional town," the Minister added.
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PSEG's New Jersey investments continue to create local jobs
Beyond the thousands of people to work on the projects, it increases demand for suppliers and contractors, as well as businesses that serve those workforces. More reliable and resilient energy distribution systems make New Jersey more attractive to new …
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Google Creates Parent Company Called Alphabet in Restructuring
Google has jumped into dozens of new businesses in recent years, but it remains primarily an advertising company, generating most of its revenue and nearly all of its profit when people click ads in search results. Researcher eMarketer estimates that …
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