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Tips to make working from home easier for you and more fun for the kids

Tips to make working from home easier for you and more fun for the kids
KANSAS CITY, Mo. –For parents who work at home, the transition from school to summer can be hard and make it difficult to keep work going and keep the kids entertained. Jennifer Allwood of The Magic Brush visited FOX 4 with ideas of how parents can …
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10 Surprising Work-From-Home Jobs for Moms
Work-from-home positions are gaining popularity among all kinds of Americans, including millennials, semi-retirees, caregivers, people with disabilities, and military spouses. Another group that can certainly appreciate flexibility in a career is …
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How to Keep the World from Distracting You When You Work From Home
Such are the perils of working from home . It's a tough thing to complain about, but remote working isn't without its drawbacks. And one of them is the fuzzy boundary between your home and work life. Especially when I first started working remotely, no …
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Latest Working From Home News

Work at home? Coffee shop? Try West Seattle's only coworking space this week
Tired of working in coffee shops? Need to get out of the house? Looking for a friendly professional place to get some work done? The Office Junction has a desk waiting for you with free high-speed WiFi, free refreshments, color printer, conference room …
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Working with Home Contractors? Read This First!
We have done a lot of DIY on our home projects, but have also done our fair share of contracting out work. Some things are (usually) better left to skilled craftspeople. In doing so, we have learned a few things about the ins and outs and ups and downs …
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How to Be More Productive When Working From Home

How to Be More Productive When Working From Home
Many entrepreneurs, especially those in the startup phase of their companies, have a home office. While working from home certainly has its perks – the office space is free and the commute is short – it can also have its downsides. Constant …
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Balancing workhome life with flexible jobs
The ability to work from home, or shift your hours to work around your family's schedule, sounds like an impossible dream to many working moms. But it's not as impossible as you might think. "It's amazing. It's such a perfect work environment. I'm able …
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How To Work From Home
When I began working from home, I used our third bedroom. It meant I got a little peace and quiet when other people were in the house, which was important, because I was editing interviews for a radio program. I needed to be able to listen carefully to …
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Father rescues son from Greenfield house fire

Father rescues son from Greenfield house fire
All four family members made it out of the house. The father and son were taken to hospitals, with the son suffering severe burns. Fire officials said smoke detectors were working in the home. The cause of the fire remained under investigation …
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Lesbian Desire, a Fathers Suicide and 12 Tony Noms: Alison Bechdel on Fun
“I feel like we're kind of twins, also the flipside of one another, but different from how I was with my dad. We're very similar and very different. He is autistic, never formally diagnosed. He cannot work. He stays at home working on his collections …
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The Director Paul Feig Prepares 'Spy' With Melissa McCarthy
Their success was also a validation for Mr. Feig's way of working, cribbed in part from other comedy directors and colleagues like Judd Apatow, a producer of “Bridesmaids.” Though the films are scripted, Mr. Feig encourages … In a South by Southwest …
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Looting And Rioting? First Responders Remember 1968
He was working in communications for the Washington D.C. Fire Department the day Dr. King died. It also made me think of my own father. I don't remember my father's call home. All I know is that he did call home, and when he did, he had instructions …
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CAD Work From Home

With technology offering us more and more possibilities when it comes to communications and networking, we find that there are many jobs that no longer require us to go into a central office to do a days work. Even jobs that needed us to share facilities such as computer files and programmes can now be transferred safely and securely. This means that multiple users can have access to information and files from sites many miles apart. Technology like this has made it possible to be a part of a design team, even on the same project, and never actually be in the same room or even the same city. CAD work from home is becoming more and more popular.

If you are not working as part of a design team, but are a freelance professional, the world has become a much smaller place. Intricate design plans can now be completed on software packages which are readily available and are not restricted to large company users. If you are already a CAD professional but working in an office environment, perhaps working from home is something that you should consider. It may be that your company would be willing to let you start doing a few hours at home instead of all your hours in the office. CAD work from home does, however, depend on you having the necessary computer equipment. If you do not have access to the type of technology required unfortunately it is unlikely that your company will offer to equip you with some of theirs. Try it though; you may find that it is advantageous to them and set you up with all that you need to be home based.

For those of you who are not currently employed by an office based company, or indeed want a change and are considering leaving your currently employment, freelance CAD work from home can be a lucrative business. If you can furnish an office space at home with the necessary IT equipment you can start looking on the internet for work as a freelance CAD designer. There are many projects available and the range of design work varies hugely from technical to fashion to architectural with everything in between. Make sure that you are aiming yourself at the market that you are experienced in as the software, and sometimes hardware, required for different types of CAD work are going to be very different.

You may find it easier to register with an online agency to find projects to work on. There are plenty to be found and often they do not charge to register. There may be charges along the way and you must ensure that you read the small print before committing yourself to anything. CAD work from home can be very rewarding. You will need the equipment, the time and the discipline to work in your home environment but the flexibility is a major advantage and well worth investigat


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