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More people prefer working at home to taking transit

More people prefer working at home to taking transit
“Nine of the top 10 working at home metropolitan areas have built or expanded rail systems, yet working at home has grown far faster than transit,” the report states. “The exception is Seattle, where transit has grown faster, but nearly all the …
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Mike Pound: Working at home has some disadvantages
However, there are times when working from home isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Times like when your 17-year-old daughter is in the next room in the early stages of what can only be described as a meltdown of Kansas budget deficit proportions.
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Work From Home? Remember to Go Outside (And Other Bits of Advice)
Completing tasks, attending online meetings, managing time, remembering to eat lunch: These are all essential cogs to the work-from-home experience. Most important is discipline, something I — as well as plenty of others — wish I had more of. It's …
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The Non-toxic Bedroom Movement by White Lotus Home!

Highland Park, NJ (PRWEB) June 07, 2015

White Lotus Home, a US company founded on the first Earth Day in 1981, honors the spirit of Saving the Earth by partnering with green living experts from around the country to bring helpful tips on making sure homes — particularly bedrooms — are non-toxic. The goal, says Marlon Pando, President and owner of White Lotus Home, is to “educate families about the benefits and myths of living a healthy, green lifestyle.” Pando has been collaborating on these kinds of projects with consumer advocate Debra Lynn Dadd, who was called the “Queen of Green” by the New York Times. Dadd has been a believer in living and sleeping in an eco-friendly, non-toxic manner for over 30 years. She is just one of the several experts that are part of this non-toxic bedroom movement and collective effort.

As more research is being done on the hazards of living with chemicals and toxins in our homes, White Lotus Home is committed to staying on top of the news. Formaldehyde, for example, is conventionally used in processing sheets to impart a “permanent press”, as well as in many polyester/cotton blends. The Department of Health and Human Services Report on Carcinogens has recognized formaldehyde as a possible carcinogen since 1981, categorizing it as a known carcinogen since its twelfth report was published in 2011. White Lotus Home regularly shares information on creating a non-toxic bedroom in their online newsletter and a lecture series with the experts is being discussed. More information can be found at WhiteLotusHome.com or at the complete RoC report.

With allergies and health concerns on the rise, switching to an organic lifestyle is becoming more commonplace and a welcome addition to the home, largely the bedroom. If people have trouble sleeping at night, Debra Lynn Dadd suggests investing in formaldehyde-free sheets because “formaldehyde causes insomnia.” Switching to more natural and organic bedding, she states, will not only improve the quality of a person’s sleep, but also help overall health by promoting a natural detox while sleeping.

Now that summer has arrived, White Lotus Home is putting a special focus on bringing green bedding to babies. In order to introduce natural mattresses to more families, owner Marlon Pando will be giving away two Organic Cotton and Wool Dreamton Crib Mattress ($ 978 value) or an Organic Cotton and Wool Toddler Mattress ($ 705 value), as well as four $ 100 White Lotus Home shopping credits.

“Children are our future and we owe it to them to keep our planet as natural and as organic as possible,” says Pando. “With the increased awareness of chemicals in our homes, a White Lotus Home mattress could only encourage a healthier life for our kids and family. In almost 35 years of being a company that hand-makes organic bedding in the USA, we have thousands of proud parents sharing their stories with us about the way our bedding has helped them and their children sleep healthier, greener and more organic.”

Crib safety has been big news recently – most famously with New York City Mayor De Blasio’s announcement of the “Safe Sleep” campaign. The goal is to reduce sleep-related deaths by encouraging safe sleep techniques among parents and healthcare providers.

“Through educational resources and materials,” states Council Member Laurie A. Cumbo, “We can ensure that parents and guardians are knowledgeable about the best sleep practices to protect the health and welfare of our city’s newborns.”

One of the pillars of the campaign is that infants should be placed to sleep on a very firm mattress using only a fitted sheet, as any other bedding presents a suffocation hazard. All White Lotus Home Organic or Natural crib mattresses are made extra firm to conform to CPSC standards and to reduce the risk of SIDS. From start to finish, a White Lotus Home crib mattress takes three days to complete. The process begins with 18-20 layers of cotton, a total of 26-30 inches in thickness, which is twice as much as a standard toddler mattress. These layers are compressed in a labor-intensive process for 3 days into a 3.5” thick, solid, firm mattress.

For families, sleeping on non-toxic bedding is important, too, especially for infants and children. Conventional crib mattresses are typically constructed from PVC and vinyl, materials that are created and softened using plasticizer chemicals called phthalates, which are known toxins. They have been linked to a number hormonal, respiratory and endocrine system problems. In 2009, Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) banned phthalates from “all toys and child-care articles”, yet failed to include mattresses. Green experts agree that organic bedding is one way to ensure a safe sleep and limit a child’s phthalate exposure. Debra Lynn Dadd added in an interview, “Everything is on a gradient scale when buying a mattress. Most of what people will find on one end of the scale are harmful standard mattresses that people will find in the store, going up to the least toxic option, which is organic cotton. I think consumers should buy the best they could afford. It’s better to buy non-organic cotton than to be sleeping on polyurethane foam and poly-cotton. I’m glad White Lotus Home gives options for affordability and gives people a green option in their price range. The best is organic cotton, but it’s always a good thing to see people making a choice in the right direction.”

White Lotus Home prides itself on creating mattresses and bedding by hand in their New Jersey showroom, using only natural materials such as US-grown natural and organic cotton, California wool, US-grown organic buckwheat, natural latex, and sustainable kapok — never petroleum-based foams, formaldehyde, or vinyl and PVC with phthalates and other toxins. In her interview, Dadd added, “[White Lotus home] has been in business for a long time, and they really know what they’re doing. I’ve personally been to the store in NJ and I’ve seen them making the mattresses. I know how clean the space is and I know how much care is put into the mattresses. I don’t know if you’ve seen [the showroom], but it is an art. A handmade product by a company that really cares about their product and there’s an art to it. The workmanship is really very excellent. White Lotus Home really cares about babies, people, and the earth.”

To find out more about going non-toxic in your home visit WhiteLotusHome.com or call White Lotus Home at (732) 828.2111. Check back often for updates on the upcoming lecture series. Dadd’s interview with Marlon Pando can also be heard on her podcast, Toxic Free Talk Radio. To sign up to win an Organic Cotton and Wool crib or toddler mattresses, you can enter on White Lotus Home’s blog. We appreciate you taking the time to read our release. This code can be used: PR0615 for 25% off your next White Lotus Home purchase, valid through June 15th.

5 Lies You've Been Told About Work From Home

5 Lies You've Been Told About Work From Home
It's not hard to understand why millions of Americans are unsatisfied with their work environments. Technology has allowed some employees to escape by working from home, but lies and myths may be keeping others trapped. The Internet paved the way for …
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What are the work-from-home options for experienced RNs?
I attended your seminar �Career Alternatives for Nurses� a couple of years ago and it was very informative. I have my BSN and have 10 years medical surgical experience, nine in the hospital and one as an agency nurse. I have been out of work since …
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Record 4.2MILLION people work from home and another 1.8million would like to
A record 4.2million people regularly work from home and 1.8million more would like to, says a TUC study. The ranks of the stay-at-home workers have been swelled by 800,000 since 2005. Nearly 14% of employed people are home workers, up from 12% in …
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Tips to make working from home easier for you and more fun for the kids

Tips to make working from home easier for you and more fun for the kids
KANSAS CITY, Mo. –For parents who work at home, the transition from school to summer can be hard and make it difficult to keep work going and keep the kids entertained. Jennifer Allwood of The Magic Brush visited FOX 4 with ideas of how parents can …
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10 Surprising Work-From-Home Jobs for Moms
Work-from-home positions are gaining popularity among all kinds of Americans, including millennials, semi-retirees, caregivers, people with disabilities, and military spouses. Another group that can certainly appreciate flexibility in a career is …
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How to Keep the World from Distracting You When You Work From Home
Such are the perils of working from home . It's a tough thing to complain about, but remote working isn't without its drawbacks. And one of them is the fuzzy boundary between your home and work life. Especially when I first started working remotely, no …
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Latest Working At Home As A Father News

India's first halal cosmetics store is less religion and more style
Part of the problem, Mauli says, is that often after they hire a female employee, that employee's father, husband, or brother tells her that she should quit her job because the family does not need the extra money, or that she is needed at home, or …
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Inside Jordan's fight against home-grown extremism
He crossed the border into Turkey where after several phone calls home his father persuaded him to come back to Amman. But Jordan takes a very tough stance on anyone going to join proscribed groups and he was arrested and tried on his return and to his …
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'The Voice' 2015: Joshua Davis announces 'Homecoming' concert at Interlochen
TRAVERSE CITY, MI — As I was wrapping up my search for Michigan's Best Winery over the weekend, I was able to get a quick interview with Joshua Davis of "The Voice" 2015. The Marquette-born singer spent the Memorial Day weekend just catching up …
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Ohio lawyer has behind-the-scenes influence in conservative politics
Thanks to his work, this suburb — home to Republican U.S. House Speaker John Boehner, although there doesn't appear to be an obvious connection between him and Langdon — is a base for nonprofit groups and “super-PACs” that pour millions of dollars …
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Hate and Love Washington DC Mothers: Stay at Home versus Working Outside

I Love Washington DC because it is the perfect place to work from home as a mother.  There are some bits of advice I would like to give to women contemplating this transition.

The grocery store, mail run, and other previously dreaded errands will now feel like mini-vacations!  You will love date that bills are due because it is an excuse to get some “alone time” that month.

Learn to Love Washington DC working from home details.  While spending all day in the most comfortable clothes has serious high points, there may be days when you miss your high heels.  However, remember when you felt the other way around, and do not complain!

You now love search and find hunts for missing socks, disappearing food, and those must-have car ride toys.  For some reason, your children are better at losing things in the home than they ever did at daycare.

You are now required to Love Washington DC and everything it has to offer outside of your own floors and doors.  Spending every day inside trying to keep up the house is just as impossible as keeping it spotless from your old desk.  Get out!

The stress of working from home is much different than the office stressors.  So beat the blues by starting to love on line ideas for indoor fun.  Begin taking up arts and crafts.  Donate old toys and clothes to day care centers in exchange for ideas about having fun with toddlers on a daily basis.

Be prepared.  You may find that you Love Washington DC business life a little more than you like taking care of your tiny human all day every day because it is like having to take care of yourself double.  That may sound like you do not want your child, but you will only understand that statement once you are a stay at home mom.

Your new love connections will now be made at the gym.  Stay active, meet other mothers who have exercise groups, and still give your children some social time.

Expect to have a lot more household work to do.  When you were gone more than eight hours each day, that was eight hours worth of cleaning that did not have to be done.  You have to Love Washington DC mothers lifestyles and the downfalls that come along!

Latest Working From Home News

Work at home? Coffee shop? Try West Seattle's only coworking space this week
Tired of working in coffee shops? Need to get out of the house? Looking for a friendly professional place to get some work done? The Office Junction has a desk waiting for you with free high-speed WiFi, free refreshments, color printer, conference room …
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Working with Home Contractors? Read This First!
We have done a lot of DIY on our home projects, but have also done our fair share of contracting out work. Some things are (usually) better left to skilled craftspeople. In doing so, we have learned a few things about the ins and outs and ups and downs …
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How to Be More Productive When Working From Home

How to Be More Productive When Working From Home
Many entrepreneurs, especially those in the startup phase of their companies, have a home office. While working from home certainly has its perks – the office space is free and the commute is short – it can also have its downsides. Constant …
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Balancing workhome life with flexible jobs
The ability to work from home, or shift your hours to work around your family's schedule, sounds like an impossible dream to many working moms. But it's not as impossible as you might think. "It's amazing. It's such a perfect work environment. I'm able …
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How To Work From Home
When I began working from home, I used our third bedroom. It meant I got a little peace and quiet when other people were in the house, which was important, because I was editing interviews for a radio program. I needed to be able to listen carefully to …
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Working at Home

It’s not an easy job to work at home. Every person cannot do this work as it is quiet difficult to manage to take out time for your working hours specially by being seated at home. Many people who have their own businesses work at home and are very successful at it. It requires having a different set of work habits when you think of working at home. Working at home and to earn money is not that much easy but if it is done with certain time management techniques then nobody can stop you from making money and that too by without going out.

Now to work at home the best possible way to make money is to have a portable computer with an internet connection in it and a much disciplined work ethic is also needed.

You should believe in your talent and ability to do a good job of getting publicity for the products and people. You should have the just and should enjoy working at home. One thing is more interesting working at home that there is no need to get dressed up in a suit and tie every day and it is a real benefit to this new arrangement.

There should be clear separation between your working hours and home hours. There is an advantage to being at home in that you could take off work early whenever you wish. The most important thing is to take your business seriously and use your time productively in order to do the best possible job.

There are a lot of things to mull over before you take on a telecommuting position. You need to look at your present work situation, your home lifestyle, your family’s needs and schedules, and last but not least is your skills and experience. Your children will also need to be considered. Do you have little ones at home during the day? Have you taken the required steps in making sure that they are well cared for while you perform your online duties?

Above all, do not think that a real “job” online is an easy one. It is not at all easy. It’s just like brick and mortar. You really have to work hard to earn up your wages! Please keep this thing in mind that when you set up with your journey for home employment.

You will need patience while considering (successfully) working at home, along with a good quality dose of reality. These are no chances of getting rich quicker, as you have seen those promises from a host of the scammy thieves, but there are honest ways to make money from home.

Find information about Work from home and how to make money online at home on basis of full or part time working. Easy tips to work at home and make money. For more information please contact us at – fromhomework

More Working At Home As A Father Articles

CAD Work From Home

With technology offering us more and more possibilities when it comes to communications and networking, we find that there are many jobs that no longer require us to go into a central office to do a days work. Even jobs that needed us to share facilities such as computer files and programmes can now be transferred safely and securely. This means that multiple users can have access to information and files from sites many miles apart. Technology like this has made it possible to be a part of a design team, even on the same project, and never actually be in the same room or even the same city. CAD work from home is becoming more and more popular.

If you are not working as part of a design team, but are a freelance professional, the world has become a much smaller place. Intricate design plans can now be completed on software packages which are readily available and are not restricted to large company users. If you are already a CAD professional but working in an office environment, perhaps working from home is something that you should consider. It may be that your company would be willing to let you start doing a few hours at home instead of all your hours in the office. CAD work from home does, however, depend on you having the necessary computer equipment. If you do not have access to the type of technology required unfortunately it is unlikely that your company will offer to equip you with some of theirs. Try it though; you may find that it is advantageous to them and set you up with all that you need to be home based.

For those of you who are not currently employed by an office based company, or indeed want a change and are considering leaving your currently employment, freelance CAD work from home can be a lucrative business. If you can furnish an office space at home with the necessary IT equipment you can start looking on the internet for work as a freelance CAD designer. There are many projects available and the range of design work varies hugely from technical to fashion to architectural with everything in between. Make sure that you are aiming yourself at the market that you are experienced in as the software, and sometimes hardware, required for different types of CAD work are going to be very different.

You may find it easier to register with an online agency to find projects to work on. There are plenty to be found and often they do not charge to register. There may be charges along the way and you must ensure that you read the small print before committing yourself to anything. CAD work from home can be very rewarding. You will need the equipment, the time and the discipline to work in your home environment but the flexibility is a major advantage and well worth investigat


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