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Latest Working At Home As A Mother News

Working mothers are good for children – but the guilt trips will keep coming
Data from 24 countries suggests that the daughters of working mothers have better careers, higher pay and more equal relationships than those whose mothers stayed at home. What's more, their sons thrive too and grow up to be better men, more involved …
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Having a working mother works for daughters
“We hope the findings from our research will promote respect for the spectrum of choices women and men make at home and at work,” the researchers concluded. “Whether moms or dads stay at home or are employed, part-time or full-time, children benefit …
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I Thought Being a Stay-at-Home Mom Was Best for My Kids
“Part of this working mothers' guilt has been, 'Oh, my kids are going to be so much better off if I stay home,' but what we're finding in adult outcomes is kids will be so much better off if women spend some time at work,” Kathleen McGinn, the Harvard …
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