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Many hands at new photonics platform to make light work better

Many hands at new photonics platform to make light work better
Thomas Edison's electric light bulb was a bright idea when first introduced, but now researchers have found even better things to do with light, using it to grow an industry expected to be worth €600 billion by 2020. Light is already carrying …
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Perspectives: Focused breaks work better than constant stress
I was in London earlier this year, and late one evening, I bumped into an old friend. He sat me down and wanted to know how I was doing. In truth, I was very pleased to see him, but exhausted and almost too tired to put one word in front of the other …
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Beauty sleep makes you look different and feel better about work
… problems are abundant in the industrialised world, and we need to know where mitigation may be most effective." Getting in our eight hours, it appears, is not just about beauty sleep but also one hell of a pleasurable way to stress less and enjoy …
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WeCounsel Solutions Announces New Cloud Based Platform Calendar

On July 1, WeCounsel Solutions, the HIPAA compliant video conferencing software company, announced the release of their new cloud based platform calendar.

For the benefit of private practice and enterprise clients, this consumer based calendar will allow potential clients to view their doctors’ or providers’ available time and schedule. It also generates a request form that creates a new funnel for clients to enter the platform and interact with these providers, resulting in less friction whenever new clients sign up.

This new cloud based platform calendar feature is available for all of WeCounsel Solutions’ clients, and will allow new clients to interact with providers on the platform with ease and allow quick user adoption on the client’s end.

WeCounsel Solutions’ new offered feature is an extension of the pre-existing public profile available on their website. For enterprise clients, it is an extension of the currently offered directory in many ways. The difference is that the calendar makes the platform more dynamic between providers, patients, and potential patients.

The cloud based platform calendar will help with user adoptions, as the providers will be able to build more sustainable business. This will result in a better relationship and more sustainability between WeCounsel Solutions and their providers. Additionally, the calendar will allow these providers to be more engaged with the platform.

WeCounsel’s director of business development, Josh Kaywood, feels that the calendar will mean increased patient to provider efficiency, and better business for everyone. He remarks, “We are excited about this release and we’re very happy that we’re able to help our users build a new sustainable business. We believe that this will help them generate more business on the platform.”

What’s next for WeCounsel Solutions? The company plans to further integrate the calendar with iCloud and Outlook, further increasing user friendliness and client accessibility.

About WeCounsel Solutions

WeCounsel Solutions helps mental health providers manage their practice digitally, making it easier than ever for practices to streamline their operations and book appointments. WeCounsel Solutions can also assist with client billing. To learn more, visit http://www.wecounsel.com

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