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Making depth-sensing cameras work better

Making depth-sensing cameras work better
Though these cameras have broad applications — in self-driving cars and navigation tools for the blind, for example — they do not work well in bright sunlight. “Not all light collected by the camera is actually useful,” said Kyros Kutulakos, a …
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Why you should start work at 10am (unless you're in your 50s)
Kelley says the working day should be more forgiving of our natural rhythms. Describing the average sleep loss per night for different age groups, he says: “Between 14 and 24 it's more than two hours. For [people aged between] 24 to about 30 or 35, it …
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For Better Creativity, Don't Let Your Hourly Wage Dictate How You Spend Your Day
The problem, of course, is that there are things that help you work your best and are very valuable — relationships, downtime, sunset-watching — but can't be measured with money. They inspire creativity and actually make your work more valuable.
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Locals work to bring home alert dog for 7-year-old

Locals work to bring home alert dog for 7-year-old
Vangelia Perryman, Connor's mother, said during an interview at her home, it's been a long road, but her young superhero will soon be getting a sidekick. For the past year and a half, Vangelia has been working with to get an alert dog, Jaci, for Connor.
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Why a 'work from home' option is a necessity but not a cure-all
If your manager gave you the option of working from home whenever you want, would you do it? And if so, how often? These are questions an increasing number of employees are facing as more companies offer flexible work options like telecommuting, in an …
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Many hands at new photonics platform to make light work better

Many hands at new photonics platform to make light work better
Thomas Edison's electric light bulb was a bright idea when first introduced, but now researchers have found even better things to do with light, using it to grow an industry expected to be worth €600 billion by 2020. Light is already carrying …
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Perspectives: Focused breaks work better than constant stress
I was in London earlier this year, and late one evening, I bumped into an old friend. He sat me down and wanted to know how I was doing. In truth, I was very pleased to see him, but exhausted and almost too tired to put one word in front of the other …
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Beauty sleep makes you look different and feel better about work
… problems are abundant in the industrialised world, and we need to know where mitigation may be most effective." Getting in our eight hours, it appears, is not just about beauty sleep but also one hell of a pleasurable way to stress less and enjoy …
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In racing, it has for 80 years been normal to operate at the threshold of detonation because, the higher the compression ratio, the higher engine torque becomes. Detonation is an abnormal form of combustion that produces an audible sound, progressive …
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7 Ways to Make Working Remote Work Better
Both employers and employees want more work flexibility and mobility, and the technology exists to meet these demands. Accordingly, growing numbers of companies are offering employees the option to telecommute. Working remotely is replacing the …
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Why Putins Phony Wars Work Better Than Real Ones
The longer the wound is kept open the more it will fester. Hate and extremism will gather on all sides until they begin to confirm the propaganda of their enemies. Panic begins to spread. The Baltic countries call for more NATO assistance, and the …
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Armour: LeBron James' best work may be off the court
The titles that will define LeBron James best are at least a decade away, to be earned through the talent, hard work and dedication of others. Beginning in 2025, some 2,000 underprivileged kids in Akron, Ohio , will be able to call themselves college …
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Schneider Electric New Product Delivery Programs Let Contractors Work Smarter

Schneider Electric New Product Delivery Programs Let Contractors Work Smarter
“As one of the most trusted names in electrical distribution, Square D products and solutions are designed to help contractors work smarter, faster and more efficiently. With the new Switchboard Delivery Programs, contractors can still expect the same …
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People with high IQs have more efficient brains
When people with very high IQs are given moderately difficult task, their brains work more efficiently compared to people with slightly above-average IQs. To describe the effect, Elsbeth Stern, a professor at ETH Zurich, uses the analogy of a more and …
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Intensity Named One of Best Places to Work in San Diego

Ryan Sullivan, Ph.D.

Intensity Corporation was named as one of the Best Places to Work in San Diego by the San Diego Business Journal.

The annual list of the Best Places to Work in San Diego is the result of a program designed to identify, recognize, and honor the best employers in San Diego, benefiting the county’s economy, workforce, and businesses. Intensity has been named one of this year’s Best Places to Work in San Diego in the small business category.

“Intensity’s selection to the list of Best Places to Work in San Diego is a testament to our incredible team of professionals who are relentlessly determined to continually improve our analytical capabilities and client service,” said Ryan Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer of Intensity. “Core to our beliefs is authentic enthusiasm for each other and the work we do, which creates a business culture that we truly enjoy.”

Companies from across the county entered the two-part survey process to determine the Best Places to Work in San Diego. The first part consisted of evaluating each nominated company’s workplace policies, practices, philosophy, systems, and demographics. The second part consisted of an employee survey to measure the employee experience. The combined scores determined the top companies and the final ranking.

The companies on this year’s Best Places to Work in San Diego list will be honored at an awards ceremony on August 6. A special issue of the San Diego Business Journal that profiles the companies selected as the Best Places to Work in San Diego will be published on August 17. For more information on the Best Places to Work in San Diego program, visit http://www.BestPlacestoWorkSD.com.

About Intensity Corporation

Intensity Corporation applies expertise in economics, law, finance, marketing, statistics, computer science, and other knowledge intensive domains to solve the most complex and challenging issues that organizations face in the competitive marketplace and the courtroom. We continuously improve our research, analysis, and operations to deliver reliable insights that are instrumental to our clients. Simply put, we are perfecting the science of expert services. For more information, please visit http://www.intensity.com.

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How To Help IVF Work Better

If you are planning IVF, you will naturally want to do everything possible to improve the chances of a successful outcome. If you would like to know how to help IVF work better, there are a number of positive steps you can take. IVF requires a huge investment both in financial and emotional terms and you should do everything possible to help the process.

Dietary Changes

One of the simplest steps you can both take is to improve your diet. For conception to occur, it is important that sperm is healthy and that the woman’s body is fit for implantation. Eating a poor diet can have a negative effect on the reproductive health of both parties. You should aim to eat organic foods wherever possible and try to stay away from sugar, refined carbohydrates and trans-fats. You should include small quantities of lean meats or other low fat proteins. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, sprouting beans and wholegrains. To help IVF work better, your doctor might also recommend a pre-natal supplement for both you and your partner. Keeping hydrated is also very important for both healthy sperm and the development of healthy eggs so drinking 2 liters of filtered water each day is also recommended.

Stress Management

If you are wanting to know how to help IVF work better, one of the “invisible” detractors from implantation success is stress. It is well-known that high stress levels can affect hormonal balance and interfere with egg production. If you lead a busy life, managing stress can be difficult. However, it is vital that you take this seriously and pinpoint the areas of your life which are stressful and try to take positive steps to alleviate this by thinking about what helps you relax, be it reading, having a massage or simply going out with your partner. Not only can relaxation help you become more fertile, but you will feel better about yourself at what is a difficult time.


Think “gentle” rather than “strenuous”. Exercising to excess can have a detrimental effect on fertility in general. Suitable forms are walking, tai-chi or yoga. The right kind of exercise can improve blood flow to the reproductive organs which can improve fertility.

Alternative Therapies

Some alternative therapies can help IVF work better. For example, acupuncture can help to improve the supply of blood to the uterus, which, in turn, improves the quality of the lining. It can also increase the quantity of eggs. Acupuncture is believed to counteract the side effects of Lupron.

If you would like further comprehensive information on how to help IVF work better, you might like to consider taking a look at the program, The Full Embrace.

Specifically designed to teach you exactly what to do before in vitro fertilization, this program will help dramatically improve your chances of becoming pregnant with just one cycle, using techniques which are scientifically proven to work.

Elena writes on a range of issues relating to female health and fertility.

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Efficient Hemorrhoid Treatment- How To Make It Work

An effective hemorrhoid treatment consists of effective ingredients. After all, how good a treatment is, is limited to how good its components are. As simple as it sounds, lots of folks don’t seem to get this concept; or they choose not to pay it out of their mind. All ingredients, within a hemorrhoid remedy, should fulfill a certain purpose. When attempting to judge whether, or not, a particular treatment for hemorrhoids is going to be effective, look for these ingredients:

The first component to look for will be witch hazel. This particular natural herb is actually becoming more and more typical for acne and also bee stings. It could be found at your regional superstore. It is generally an anti-inflammatory substance and will bring comfort to anything that is swollen. Since hemorrhoids are inflamed in or around your anus, witch hazel is an important element for any fissure treatment.The second element that any remedy for hemorrhoids should contain is white oak bark. This herb is similar to aspirin except that it is natural. This means it is a pain killer as well as can really help to diminish the soreness that is felt from the ailment one is suffering with. It also helps to stop internal bleeding which is a necessary component of any hemorrhoid treatment.

Butcher’s broom is a very powerful herbal ingredient that has been used in natural medications for about two thousand years. Its main function is to make the circulatory system run more efficiently. This helps the particular blood to flow more freely and transport the necessary oxygen into the blood vessels and the needless waste out of the blood vessels. After all, when blood circulates properly into and out of the veins, the cleaner the arteries are. And the cleaner the arteries, the freer the veins will be from inflammation and irritation. In other words, your veins will be more elastic and healthier, which is what you want out of a properly functioning circulatory system.Stone root is yet another very popular ingredient that is used in hemorrhoid treatments. One of the biggest problems with piles is the fact that the actual veins are dealing with so much strain. Stone root helps to relieve the pressure. When vein pressure is actually relieved, the problematic veins get a chance to recoup. Circulation likewise becomes an easier job which means that the problem should soon be fixed. In short, less pressure means less likelihood that the condition will worsen, or even develop in the first instance.

Ginger functions as another anti-inflammatory ingredient that serves numerous purposes. For example, not only is it great for boosting circulation, it is a wonderful cleansing agent for the circulatory system and, indeed, for the whole body.The last component is the most important and is cayenne. No hemorrhoid therapy would be complete without this element because it speeds up the blood flow as opposed to any other element. This will help the body to discard the waste material and help it to absorb the nutrients better. Most of the individual ingredients listed in this article have been explained. The most important aspect to remember is that a hemorrhoid treatment is incomplete without natural and powerful healing components.

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5 Lies You've Been Told About Work From Home

5 Lies You've Been Told About Work From Home
It's not hard to understand why millions of Americans are unsatisfied with their work environments. Technology has allowed some employees to escape by working from home, but lies and myths may be keeping others trapped. The Internet paved the way for …
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What are the work-from-home options for experienced RNs?
I attended your seminar �Career Alternatives for Nurses� a couple of years ago and it was very informative. I have my BSN and have 10 years medical surgical experience, nine in the hospital and one as an agency nurse. I have been out of work since …
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Record 4.2MILLION people work from home and another 1.8million would like to
A record 4.2million people regularly work from home and 1.8million more would like to, says a TUC study. The ranks of the stay-at-home workers have been swelled by 800,000 since 2005. Nearly 14% of employed people are home workers, up from 12% in …
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How to Work More Efficiently in Your Internet Marketing Business

The story goes like this: I work all day in my job, come home and work even more hours on my internet business while neglecting my spouse and kids. How can I work more efficiently so I don’t lose my mind and become a stranger to my family and friends?

This is a common problem that creates feelings of being overwhelmed and ultimately burnout and quitting.  The solution is rather simple, but not always apparent. Efficiency is a skill – learned like any other skill.

It starts with awareness. Become aware of where you are spending your time and energy with your internet business.

For the next week or two, keep a record of all the tasks and how much time spent on each of them. Pay attention to patterns.  Are there tasks you could outsource, like article writing?  Which activities are making you money and which are just a waste of time?

A huge time waster for many people is incessantly checking email several times a day.  A good habit to adapt is to check and respond to emails at set times each day. Preferably no more than 2 or 3 times a day.

Studies have shown that distractions or jumping from one task to another creates huge inefficiencies.  Creating a routine and setting aside blocks of time without distractions will make you much more efficient. Have a plan that has you work on the most important things first. Those would be the ones that are money makers. Also, always try to finish a task before moving onto the next.

 A good rule of thumb is to set aside at least an hour – preferably 2 hour blocks of uninterrupted time to focus on a task.  It can often take up to 20 minutes to get back to where you left off if you are distracted in the middle of a project.

Close your email servers and turn off your phone ringers and let anyone in your home know that this is your working time.

Also, spend your time on what makes the most money for the least effort. This will help you start outsourcing tasks sooner than later. Picture this, you come home from work and have a few hours to spend on your internet business.  You notice you spend 2 hours writing articles that generate traffic for your business.  It is a money making task, and one that eventually can be outsourced to free up your time to work on other money generating tasks.

You could have someone else write your articles so that you can spend the time you would’ve spent writing the article yourself to syndicating and repurposing those articles to leverage your time and exposure.

When I say re purposing, I mean, that article could also be tweaked into a blog post, a video, an audio, a pod cast, etc. Syndicating is submitting it to video and article aggregators like digg, tube mogul and the like.

If you get nothing else out of this article, remember the two words, Awareness and Focus. Efficiency takes time to get good at, but the reward is so worth it.

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