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Working as a Home Stager

I love working as a home stager in New York City and Long Island, since I have extreme confidence that my services truly help people to fulfill their property sale goals.  It is rare to find such a positive vocational field as real estate staging where every service provider can truly take credit for almost single-handedly getting even problematic properties sold for top dollar.  It is for this purpose that I wish to share some of my thoughts on this fantastic career choice with anyone considering becoming a professional home stager.


Home staging is all about presentation and aesthetics.  It is not a structural art, such as contracting, and it is not a design art tailored to fit the tastes of the client, such as interior decorating.  Instead, home staging is an advanced form of property marketing where particular techniques and strategies are employed to make a piece of real estate more appealing to potential buyers or renters.  To put it simply, while it is the actual home which is purchased, many buyers can not see past the current décor and visual issues demonstrated in the home.  They judge the property based on the current owner’s décor choices and also can make incorrect assumptions about space, size, functionality and desirability based solely on how the rooms are currently utilized and laid out.  Home staging corrects any concerns in the floor plan and furnishing, as well as addressing clutter problems, overly personalized décor and look, feel and flow optimization, providing a much enhanced atmosphere of universal appeal.


Working as a home stager allows a person the liberty of custom designing their job to fit their own lifestyle preferences.  Stagers can work for large or small companies or can be independent contractors or business owners.  Stagers can use their skills to enhance rental units or saleable properties and can specialize in any type of real estate product.  Some stagers decide to focus on condos and coops, while others choose single or multifamily detached homes.  A few stagers prefer to work with landlords and management companies and concentrate on the recurring task of staging rental units.  More and more stagers are finding quality work in the commercial property staging sector.  Best of all, there are still new avenues for stagers to apply their skills in development, so the future is bright for this relatively new career field!


Being that home staging is so versatile; stagers have many benefits not enjoyed by the majority of other career paths. In general, stagers can make their own hours and decide how much they will charge for their services.  Stagers can hustle and work all the time or can relax and choose clients carefully.  Stagers can focus on education and work training others in a new career or can utilize media to help current staging professionals increase their skills.  Many stagers appear on television in this respect or choose to write books or articles to promote the profession and increase its value to society.  Since statistics support staging as an incredibly safe investment, the demand for staging services has never been greater and experts agree that the market is still in its infancy with plenty of room for exponential growth in the coming decades…



All this being said, I stand by the idea that the very best part of working as a home stager is knowing that whatever niche a staging professional chooses to focus upon, they will see the results of their labor everyday, knowing full well that they helped buyers find their dream home and sellers to get the most profit out of their hard-earned property investment.  This is very rewarding and the reason why I love this facet of real estate so much.  I hope this article has sparked an interest in home staging in your mind and I also hope that you will contact me if I can provide you with any additional information or guidance in your future career path.


Adam Rostocki is an expert home staging consultant and is also the author of the DIY book, “Home Staging: A Practical Guide to Real Estate Marketing” (ISBN 978-1-4276-4191-5). His informational website details all aspects of the home staging industry.

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Working Your Triceps at Home

I am a pretty busy person as I am sure a lot of people are so I don’t always have time to get into the gym. That’s no reason to skip a workout. There are a lot of things that you can do at home to make up for your lack of time or motivation to get to your gym.

So what we’re going to do today is give you 3 very simple tricep exercises that anyone can do at home; the tricep dip, close grip push up and tricep extension.

Close Grip Push Up

This exercise will be primary tricep exercise. This exercise will require a bit of space. Begin on your hands and knees. Then, space your hands 6-8 inches apart. Place your feet out and straighten your body. Keep those arms straight. Now that you are in position, slowly lower your body till it almost touches the floor and push back up. If you find this a bit too easy you can easily add some weight. Load up a backpack with some heavier items for a bigger challenge.

Tricep Dip

For this exercise you will need two steady surfaces to hold your weight. I typically use two chairs but you can use whatever you want.

Make sure you are steady and comfortable, lift your legs up and place all of your weight on your upper body and lean forward. Lower yourself down slowly until your chest is level with your hands. Push back upward but do not lock your elbows, repeat.

Tricep Extension

You typically get much more muscle growth from lying tricep extensions so this is our next exercise. If you created a backpack weight pack you will need it for this exercise, if you did not create one do it now.

While laying with your back on the ground, lift the weighted backpack above your head. Make sure your arms are fully extended. You are going to slowly lower the weight towards your forehead while also keeping your elbows in close to your body. Now, slowly raise the weight back up to your starting position. Repeat for reps.

Working Out At Home

There you have it. A nice and simple tricep routine that almost anyone can do at home. Granted this is no replacement for a “real” workout but in a pinch will get the job done.

John Kimble takes his workouts seriously, as should you. He has written many articles related to health and fitness over the years. Take a quick trip to his site about electric knife sharpeners and Accusharp knife sharpeners it will totally blow you away and completely change the way you think about knife sharpeners.

Working From Home

There are both benefits and drawbacks of working from home. On the positive side, you are saving yourself time and money by not having to commute and you can structure your work day to suit you. For those who run businesses from home, having one space where you both live and work will be saving you huge amounts of money on renting or buying offices and all the extras that go with it.

However, there can be a couple of drawbacks. You home is no longer just your home – a place to relax and unwind and a place where you can switch off from work – it is now your place of work too and that will always be felt even when you are not working. It also means you spend so much of your time in your home that it can feel like you simply want to get out of it at the end of the working day instead of enjoying relaxing in it.

There are many things that can be done to help. Converting sheds or summer houses into offices defines a space as a workspace out of the house and can have many mental benefits, meaning you actually have to walk to work and that you don’t associate the house itself with work. Even for those who don’t have the money or space to do so, it is still important to define the work space. Whether in the shed, summerhouse or just a room in the house, ensure there are plenty of shelves to deal with the paperwork. Shelves and shelving units will help keep the space tidy and ensure the work doesn’t quite literally take over your life.

For those who need to define their space more clearly and want a tidier living and working area, and one where the two don’t so spectacularly collide, good shelving units could make all the difference

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Hate and Love Washington DC Mothers: Stay at Home versus Working Outside

I Love Washington DC because it is the perfect place to work from home as a mother.  There are some bits of advice I would like to give to women contemplating this transition.

The grocery store, mail run, and other previously dreaded errands will now feel like mini-vacations!  You will love date that bills are due because it is an excuse to get some “alone time” that month.

Learn to Love Washington DC working from home details.  While spending all day in the most comfortable clothes has serious high points, there may be days when you miss your high heels.  However, remember when you felt the other way around, and do not complain!

You now love search and find hunts for missing socks, disappearing food, and those must-have car ride toys.  For some reason, your children are better at losing things in the home than they ever did at daycare.

You are now required to Love Washington DC and everything it has to offer outside of your own floors and doors.  Spending every day inside trying to keep up the house is just as impossible as keeping it spotless from your old desk.  Get out!

The stress of working from home is much different than the office stressors.  So beat the blues by starting to love on line ideas for indoor fun.  Begin taking up arts and crafts.  Donate old toys and clothes to day care centers in exchange for ideas about having fun with toddlers on a daily basis.

Be prepared.  You may find that you Love Washington DC business life a little more than you like taking care of your tiny human all day every day because it is like having to take care of yourself double.  That may sound like you do not want your child, but you will only understand that statement once you are a stay at home mom.

Your new love connections will now be made at the gym.  Stay active, meet other mothers who have exercise groups, and still give your children some social time.

Expect to have a lot more household work to do.  When you were gone more than eight hours each day, that was eight hours worth of cleaning that did not have to be done.  You have to Love Washington DC mothers lifestyles and the downfalls that come along!

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