The Duplicate

The Duplicate

The night was silent and the warrior was alone in the room.

He was looking to the distant sky through the window.

The sky was full of stars and the full moon had beautified the nature.

Being over tired of the day’s work he was getting tremendous relief.


He has big dreams and goals and he has to fulfill them.

He was needing a company to share his feelings and sorrows.

The stereo type life had given him much agony.

Slowly and silently he merged in the full moon and was lost in the slumber of the night.


He had a beautiful dream that night and he saw himself in the dream.

He saw himself on the moon surface and there was a nice residence there.

Exactly simillar office was there on the surface of the moon.

He was doing the same works which he was doing everyday in this world.


The people were different with high sense of optimism which gave him much encouragement.

He found that most of his worldly troubles were over and he was working very magnificently.

He was feeling overjoyed in his wprk and there was no feeling of lack.

The despairs which he was feeling while working on the world were almost over.


There was a magnificent working environment and what ever he was doing were  bringing him joy.

He was working in a much better manner and was working more.

He had become a finer individual and in each step he was feeling success.

He was feeling an atmosphere of absolute peace and bliss.


He saw that  the thought processes of the people were entirely different.

All the people were happy and smilingly and lovingly all were working for a common goal.

There was no trace of worldly troubles and some marvellous feelings were expereinced by him.

He was seeing himself as a brighter individual ready to do any task.


There was no fear in him and his vision had broadened and with a broad vision he was seeing his future.

He has a beautiful house well equipped with all facillities.

His wife and children have acheived astounding success.

All the people are happy there and with co-operation and co-ordination aiming for a brighter life.


He saw himself like a morning sun with soft but brilliant rays beautifying each of his activities.

His contribution to self,family,organisation and society has increased manifold.

He loved the moon very much and happily enjoyed there with all.

Since childhood he is seeing the moon and now he has got an oppertunity to work there.


Working on the moon gave him much delight which he was not getting while working on the world.

Slowly and silently the night was passing and he heard the sound of the birds and his dream was over.

He found himself on the bed with the morning sun on his fore head.

He slowly dislodged himself from the bed and went to do his routine works.


The memory of the dream became vibrant and lively in the warrior’s mind.

He kept the memory with him while at work and saw his duplicate on the moon doing the same.

Most of his worldly troubles were over and he learnt many secrets to acheive success.

He became a successful man in every field of life and in the silence of the night looking to the sky he was offering his gratitude to the moon.