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Windows 7 – New Ways to Work With Windows

Windows 7 offers some new ways to work with windows – opening, closing, moving them etc.

Microsoft has also removes some ways of working with windows, which I’m a bit disappointed with, but there you have it – they can’t make it too easy to work with their new operating system now, can they?

Let’s start with the good things they’ve added.

You can now do a lot by just grabbing the title bar with the mouse and dragging it. Depending on where you drag the window, you can do some pretty nifty things with it.

The biggest change is that you can drag a maximized window and work with it that way. You used to have to restore it to taking up part of the screen before you could do anything with it.

Now you can click the title bar and drag the window anywhere you want. This simultaneously restores the window size, and moves it to where you want it.

If you just drag the title bar down a few pixels, it will do nothing more than restore the window. Keep dragging it around if you want to move it.

To maximize the window, just drag it up past the top of the screen.

If you drag it off the left or right side of the screen, the window re sizes to the full height of the screen, and half the width. This makes it easy to put two windows side-by-side for easy comparison.

Another change is how the taskbar works. When you hover over an icon on the taskbar, you get a thumbnail of all applications associated with that icon.

Now you can close a window by hovering over its thumbnail, then clicking the close button at the top right of the thumbnail.

Microsoft has removed the ability to restore and maximize windows from the taskbar, which is annoying. You can minimize tasks, and return them to their previous state – either restored or maximized. But you can’t go from maximized to minimized to restored (for example) or restored to maximized.

On the whole, Windows 7 makes it easier to work with windows, but it would have been better to keep previous taskbar functionality.


How to Work More Efficiently

How’s your To Do List? Is it cluttered with things you just don’t get round to doing. Do you even have a To Do List? Do you go from one thing to another, never really getting anything done properly?

You need to be organised but you don’t have to turn into a fanatic. Just follow some simple rules and you will find you have more free time and are working better and faster than ever before.

The first thing is to set aside a half hour each day to make a To Do list. You then prioritise each item on your list.

You need to work out what really needs to be done, what should be done, what you would like to get done and what you don’t really need to do.

You work this out by setting goals. What do you want to accomplish? Check your list and cross off everything that it not helping you reach your goals.

Next, you work out what you can get someone else to do for you. Delegate these duties and then cross them off your To Do list. They are now not your problem.

The next step is to work out what you need to do today. If there are long term items on your To Do list you can put them onto a goal list because only the things you need to do today should go on your To Do list.
Have a look at your list. Does it look less scary now? It should because there should only be important items that need to be done today on it. You should be able to get most of these items done today.

Start with the items which have a time imperative like meetings or scheduled events, then from most important to least, and when you get a moment free, for example, while you are waiting for someone to return your call, you get a few of the less important items done.

Anything that isn’t done and still needs attention can go on tomorrow’s list.

Wendy Streater wants to inspire the world to live passionate, exciting lives full of love and laughter. For inspiration, motivation, fun and more articles, Be inspired at http://www.aimforthestars.info/blog or http://www.aimforthestars.info

How to Make the Law of Attraction Work Better

There is a lot of talk these days about the law of attraction and how it can work for you or against you in every day life.

I believe that people are no doubt using it but I believe that there are many people who are simply not seeing any result or at least not the results that they want. So, how can I make the laws of attraction really work for me?

Here’s what I believe can help you:

According to the law of attraction your life on the outside corresponds to the inner most dominant thought on the inside. I have no argument with this but here is where I have an issue.

I believe that many of us have no idea what our inner most dominant thought is and how it effects our life and In the law of attraction literature I have read I am given nothing to access this thought.

A lot of people may consciously think about cars or Boats, Houses or new lovers etc but in order to manifest them they have to be aware of the underlying sub conscious thought that may be there sabotaging them. Without this awareness and honesty you best efforts can be set for failure.

But How Do I access the thought? I believe that the best place to start is with the body. This is the place that will give you a true answer about how you feel at any time and this is where your reality is.

So, for a second or two focus on the body and where the tension is and ask yourself does this tension have a name?. The name that pops into your head might be the emotion that your feeling.

So, for example ask yourself – If I am looking to meet a partner and when I focus on my body I feel hurt might I be thinking consciously that I want a partner but deep down I’m afraid to be hurt? Might I in turn sub-consciously block all efforts to build a meaningful relationship because I am afraid of being hurt again? I believe so. So might the inner most dominant thought be that I must avoid being hurt? You might also ask yourself what do I really believe about myself? Do I believe that I’m a failure or useless? or Unworthy?

Many of us have these beliefs and we do a great deal to avoid bringing them to the conscious mind.

Finally, once we acknowledge what we are really feeling and thinking the energy of those beliefs and feelings tends to fade leaving us in a better position to consciously think thoughts that attract what we want.

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Work From Home: A How To

There are so many out-of-works, underemployed, or just would be entrepreneurs who are looking for a way to work from their homes and make money. Rest assured, be it a part-time job to earn extra income, or running a small, full-time business, people are working from home and succeeding. The key to working from home is to 1) adhere to the law of Supply and Demand, and 2) treat your work-from-home job like an office job.

The law of Supply and Demand

The first test in any Economics 101 class will cover the law of Supply and Demand. Basically it is this: if there is a demand, there will be a supply. If there is a want or need someone will step up to fill it. How this effects you is quite simple. You need to fulfill a community demand. Where it gets less simple is in defining demand. Demand is also relative to the supply. What that means is that while people may want Mary Kay cosmetics, there may be too many suppliers in your region for that particular demand. So your work from home business must:
Meet a known demand
Be either a unique supplier, or one of a few suppliers.

The trick is in accomplishing this. Here is a step-by-step approach to coming up with your work from home business idea:
1.Make a list of products or services that you need. If you need them, chances are someone else does, too.
2.Scratch off those ideas that cannot either be done in your home, or performed from/run out of your home
3.Do some research, asking yourself: who else is supplying this product or service, what are their rates, what do they give you for the price.
4.Scratch off those products or services that have more then four suppliers in your region
5.Scratch off those products or services that are too costly in start up or maintenance.
6.Pick from the list of whats left.

Treat your home office like its in a fancy high rise.

One mistake that lots of people make when they work from home is to work at the kitchen table, the sofa, their bed, etc. If you want your business to work (and for you to receive tax deductions) create an office space and work in it. Keeping a home office allows you to deduct:
Some of your monthly mortgage or rent
Some of your utilities
Some of your phone or broadband bill
Computers, fax machines, phones, etc
Office supplies
Without a separate office space you cannot utilize these deductions, and they are very good deductions come tax season so if there is no other incentive, think about that one.

Keep regular office hours. Treat your work from home business like any other legitimate business enterprise. Invest in office equipment and proper software. Show your customers and the IRS that you mean business. Thousands of people have successful people have run businesses out of their home and you can, too. Just be following these steps and keep the faith.

My name is John Burnside and i am in the online money making opportunities business. if you wish to learn about several different ways in which to make money online then visit my blog at http://www.moneyin15minutes.co.uk

How To Work From Home Effectively

The current world is facing some challenges that have affected the mode of living of most people.  The main problem experienced at the moment is economic hardship, which is consequently followed by climate change. As much as the later has effect in the, it is said to be one of the causes of economic crisis in the world. Most of the countries that were said to have strong economies have not been spared either.  

This has seen many people lose their jobs as one way in which employers have derived to handle the situation. In this case, unemployment has become a huge monster that governments, organizations and employers are struggling to curb. In case you are unemployed or you are looking for a job, then you can work from home and make ends meet.

In the present world, work at home has become the trend.  There are people who work at home and make lucrative amount of money without much hassle. If you are looking for this chance, then there is time for you. There are many work from home jobs that you can secure. However, as any kind of job, there are guidelines and rules that you have to adhere to effectively work from home.

a)  To efficiently work from home, you need to have your tools. In this case, you are required to have a computer and internet connection. You need to know that this job will require full time access of internet; hence you need to make arrangements for this.

b)  You need to know the kind of job that you need to work at home. There are many jobs that are available online. This means that you need to carry out an extensive search to establish some of these jobs, determine the requirements before you start working on them. Some of the jobs that you might come across online include;

•  Blogging
•  Writing-article, assessment editor, editor, resume, technical
•  Bookkeeping
•  News reporter
•  Copywriter
•  Web designer/producer
•  Online researcher, poll takers, shoppers and many more

From the above list, it is factual that you cannot miss to get at least one job that you are well acquainted with.
c)  To work from home, you need to derive communication method with your clients. In most cases, you have to adapt to the mode of communication that your client is using. This can be through email address, chat on social media, phone calls and so on. It is imperative to communicate to your client for it will help you understand the job better and also ask for clarifications if necessary.

d)  Working from home jobs have deadline, and that you must heed to them. Before you start on the task, establish if you will complete it as stipulated by the client. This is significant in that it will help maintain a working a good rapport.

e)  Payment; before you start on work from home jobs, you have to agree on the costs. In most cases, the cost is indicated on the site.

Work from home is certainly one idea that many people would like to try out in order to make ends meet.  There is nothing stopping any one from working online, all you need is determination and a little bit of know how.

To successfully work from home, there are some factors that you have to consider. If these factors are adhered to the later, you will establish that work at home is the best way to go.

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